Khalil Davary, top coiffeur from Wiesbaden, has moved his 20-manned „Excellent Hair“ team to new premises in Wiesbaden.  Only a few steps away from the previous salon, the new salon resides at the top of the Wilhelmstrasse and faces the exclusive Wiesbadener Kurhaus and Casino.

Elegant generosity of space

“We have so much more space and room now to pamper our customers  and display our professionalism and versatility. I think everyone will love it and enjoy their time with us”, says Khalil Davary. He could be right with his assessment: the new salon has an elegant and generous atmosphere. 350 sqm are displayed on two floors. High ceilings and a flood of light coming in through the floor-to-floor windows add to the special flair. Khalil Davary put his dream into practice and created an individual salon furnishing and fitting. Together with his carpenter Edin Gafic from “Dinolux” in Wiesbaden, he designed and developed the furnishings. “It was important to me  to bring individuality and quality together. Our new enormous mirrors and the energy-saving lighting concept can only be found in our salon”, explains a proud Davary. It was important for him to work without trolleys. All 13 service points and the two VIP seats are fitted so that all tools such as hairdryers, brushes, combs and finishing products can be reached comfortably. The pleasant atmosphere is underlined with high-quality materials in white and cream which offer the perfect contrast to the spirited red on the walls.

Styling and dresses for brides

The new premises also offer more space for the team to take part in seminars and further training. A further new service in the salon is that brides cannot only be advised on their hair style but also dresses can be tried on or even specially created for them. Excellent Hair also offers fashion:  an elegant staircase leads upstairs to the next floor where chosen pieces from the haute couture designers Ella Singh and Lara Loca are presented. Ella Singh is well known for her red carpet fashion pieces which are worn by the likes of Paris Hilton, Verona Pooth and Sonya Kraus. With this additional fashion highlight, a complete service for the best day of your life is offered. While the bride relaxes, she can also be cared for and her makeup done by an expert visagist. Khalil Davary: “A bride doesn’t have to run around and be stressed on her wedding day anymore. Who else offers all of this in one location? Hairstyling, bridal dress and makeup all together. That is the unique selling proposition from Excellent Hair”.

In 1997, we opened our first salon for top-class creative hairstyling in Wiesbaden. Fifteen years have passed since then – that’s a long time. Anyone who has set up their own business knows what such a big step means: alongside drive and enthusiasm, there are sleepless nights, plagued by questions like: Will we make it? Will we attract enough customers? Will people like our styles and come back? How will the business develop? Will we be able to achieve our vision, our ambitious goal of becoming one of the most exclusive hairstyling salons in the Rhine-Main region or perhaps even beyond?

Now, in 2013, we know we had no reason to worry. Excellent Hair has grown from its origins with three employees to a salon with a staff of nineteen, an international reputation and a healthy customer base.

Today we would like to invite you to ac- company us on brief journey back through time. This edition of our Journal presents our development from the beginnings in 1997 to the present, giving you an insight into the personal history of Excellent Hair.

I hope you will enjoy this brief look back over the past.

Excellent Hair has been presented well over 1,000 times in publications and issued more than 100 publishing houses, giving us an international reputation as a trendsetter that extends to the United States and beyond.


The secret of that success is tremendous discipline and hard work by everyone involved, considerable financial investment, and top quality, supported by a crew that is dedicated to the same values and standards as we are. In short, it is the combination of our marketing, graphic design, PR work, photography, models and staff that makes us one of the most innovative and most successful salons in Wiesbaden.


Welcome to Excellent-HÁIR - „Our creations are our own, not copied from others“